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Vision and Values


Our aims for the new school have been developed after careful analysis of the five outcomes of Every Child Matters which we hope to meet as part of a service for young people.

The five outcomes are:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being

We aim to:

  1. Ensure that all children have equal access to the opportunities the school and the wider community offer regardless of their abilities, gender, race or religion.
  2. Develop a school community that children enjoy and have pride in being part of.
  3. Provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum which challenges children's thinking and enables them to achieve the highest possible standards.
  4. Enable children to take responsibility for and to have opinions about their own learning which they are able to share with others.
  5. Support children with their learning, value their achievements and opinions and encourage them to learn from their mistakes.
  6. Encourage children to have high expectations of their potential and to be self reliant and independent.
  7. Enable children to become aware of and have the chances to become involved in their local community.
  8. Develop good relationships and respect between home, school, other professionals and those from other services and the wider community.
  9. Foster good effective ways of communicating and working together with parents, governors and the local community for the benefit of the children in our care.
  10. Help children to acquire the physical, social and emotional skills and experiences to develop and progress safely through life.
  11. Provide a safe and stimulating environment that enables children to access the curriculum fully.
  12. Ensure children develop the skills and knowledge to achieve a healthy mind and body.
  13. Help children to know the importance of good behaviour, what constitutes good behaviour, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour.