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Curriculum Intent



Our curriculum is centred around 5 broad themes that connects all of the learning across school. It has been designed in collaboration between staff, children and the community, drawing on current research and literature from organisations like Oxfam and the Children’s Society.

  1. Beautiful people: Our Physical and Mental Well Being
    We will develop children who are self-aware, confident and respectful. They will know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will be become strong, resilient and independent learners, who have a range of emotional coping skills in readiness for their future.  Developing well-being is important to future health and happiness.
  1. Community carers: Identity & Community
    Children will recognise and celebrate that there are differences in gender, culture, class, nationality, religion, ethnicity, languages and understand these may all be significant in shaping identity. To thrive in such a diverse and fast-changing world, learners need to feel confident in their own identity; but they should also be open to engaging positively with other identities and cultures, and able to recognise and challenge stereotypes.
  1. Environmental Activists: Sustainable Development
    We want our children to think about how we share and use the earth’s resources. Considering how humans’ impact on the health of the planet, now and in the future. They will have a voice in this and share their ideas. We want a better and more Sustainable future for all, our children will promote, inclusivity, have a detailed knowledge of climate change and will be part of the partnership that works towards global change.
  2. 21st Century learners
    We want to prepare our children for the rapidly changing world. They will be equipped to be complex problem solvers, think and work creatively in differing environments. Empowered analytical thinkers who use data and information in different dimensions. They will be able to connect and collaborate with others to provide a better future for all.
  1. Global Citizens
    We want our children to be effective global citizens, who are aware of the world and has a sense of their role in it. They respect and value diversity, and are knowledgeable of and work against social injustices. They will have experience of being a Global citizen and know how to participate in communities at all levels (from local to global) and take responsibility for their actions and beliefs.To become a global citizen, they will be creative, flexible, dedicated and proactive. Global citizens take an active part in the emerging international community and are committed to helping build this community’s values and practices.

The curriculum is divided into subject areas; however, we see knowledge and skills as crossing subject boundaries. Learning is integrated where appropriate and curriculum planning makes many curriculum links. The vital skills of collaboration and independence are evident in all our work.  We use Sounds-Write as our phonics programme and Study Ladder for online home learning.